04th January 2016 /

Happy 2016 – What are your Priorities?

  We are already one week into the New Year – where does time go?!?!?  It seems the more complicated our world gets, the more concentration it takes to keep and the more time slips by like a quick moving train! If you are a business owner you are probably busy setting up your books […]

23rd November 2015 /

The End of Year is Very Close!

  Every year we like to put together a list of New Year’s resolutions – however, before February gets here most of the resolutions have either been broken or forgotten! We would like to propose a solution.  If you have resolutions for growing your business next year, then why not meet with us in December […]

13th November 2015 /

What Should Your Marketing Budget Be?

When I meet with a new client, it is always exciting to to get to know them and understand their vision for their business.  We always go over what has been done to market their business, what was successful and what didn’t work so well. And, of course, the subject of budget is usually the […]

11th October 2015 /

The Rules Have not Changed!

  Every time you turn around there seems to be yet another way to use technology to market your business.  Business owners can get overwhelmed just by trying to keep up with what is out there, let alone finding the time to actually learn how to use all the new bells and whistles. However, there […]

10th September 2015 /

Mobile Marketing IS the Future!

“If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you don’t have a future strategy!” – This is a quote from Google Chairman Eric Schmidt.  Let’s have a look at some numbers and see how true this statement is!  Ok, here goes: – Google now gives preference to ‘mobile ready’ websites in search results – Sales of […]

07th August 2015 /

Marketing should be Multi-Layered

Whenever I begin working with a new or small client, I usually end up having the same conversation about how marketing needs to multi-layered in order to be successful.  This means they need to use a variety of mediums with different messages. Most small businesses want a magic bullet that is very inexpensive when it […]

31st July 2015 /

Keeping up With Technology

All through history, technology has had a major impact on how marketing is conducted.  The first major breakthrough was the invention of the printing press.  This made it possible to produce many pieces of paper that said the same thing, without having to depend on individuals laboriously writing out each copy. In the past decade, […]

24th June 2015 /

Marketing: Don’t be a Victim of Too Little, Too Late!

As a Marketing Strategist my biggest challenge is talking to clients about their marketing budgets. Of course, they are always trying to spend as little as possible on marketing, as most business owners see this as an expense. My job is to show them how spending money on Marketing is actually an investment. Of course, […]

28th May 2015 /

When Does Communication Happen?

  It was actually a problem with email that made me begin thinking about the communication process.  I had sent a very important email, sat back and thought “Great, I finished everything!”  However, the email was never received because the recipient had changed the settings on his spam filter and he never got the email!  […]

07th May 2015 /

Does Your Neck Hurt?

  Everyone who owns a small business knows the drill – you have to wear many hats to make your business go!  However, if you wear too many hats, you end up with a sore neck, you get tired and stressed and then the quality of your work begins to suffer. One of the most […]