24th June 2015 /

Marketing: Don’t be a Victim of Too Little, Too Late!

As a Marketing Strategist my biggest challenge is talking to clients about their marketing budgets. Of course, they are always trying to spend as little as possible on marketing, as most business owners see this as an expense. My job is to show them how spending money on Marketing is actually an investment.

Of course, some common sense must be employed by looking at cash flow to ensure that is not a case of over spending, while at the same time, making sure they are spending enough to get the results they need to grow.

All too often, business owners will see how little they can ‘get away with’ and end up trying to put out a house fire with a watering can!

It is imperative that a business owner understand that they can only grow if their clients knew where to find them, both physically and online – and that can only happen if they have a healthy marketing budget that is measured in terms of success.  Don’t be a victim of too little, too late!

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