Two Day Social Media Workshop

  We are offering a special Two Day Social Media Workshop for small business on September 6 and 13 from 8 to 11 am.  This hands-on workshop will enable you to:  
  • build a business Facebook page
  • Build a Twitter business page
  • Build a LinkedIn business page
  • Learn how and when to post to each site
  • Establish a social media plan and schedule
  This special two day workshop will equip you to create and implement a social media plan for your business.  For only $297 you can lean how to tame social media and quit feeling like a deer in the headlights! Email [email protected] if interested.

Customized Seminars

While The Scarlett Marketing Group has many seminars that we present, we can also tailor one to fit the needs of your company. We will sit down with you and do a needs analysis to determine what is needed, and then research what additional content is required to customize the seminar.

Social Media Seminars

The cornerstone of our Social Media Seminars is Social Media 101. This gives the novice a chance to understand what Social Media is, just how many platforms are out there, and which ones they should be concerned about in their industry. Once a participant has completed this seminar, they may chose to attend our two-day workshop to actually learn how to build their own Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ accounts. Or, a company may decide to have us customize a Social Media Seminar to fit their exact needs. The Scarlett Marketing Group aims to make Social Media an active tool for every client, while making it more "understandable".

Marketing Seminars

We provide seminars in various aspects of Marketing including:
  • - Tradeshow in a Box
  • - Networking 101
  • - On Line Marketing 101
  • - Direct Sales Marketing

Seminars On Demand

Some companies find that their people are scattered across a wide geographic reach. We also provide Seminars On Demand (Webinars) to cater for these clients. This is a cost effective way to reach everyone without having to buy them a plane ticket to come to a central location.