28th May 2015 /

When Does Communication Happen?


It was actually a problem with email that made me begin thinking about the communication process.  I had sent a very important email, sat back and thought “Great, I finished everything!”  However, the email was never received because the recipient had changed the settings on his spam filter and he never got the email!  So, just because I sent something doesn’t mean it was received!

It is the same with any type of communication.  You can send information many different ways, but unless you receive some type of confirmation that it was received at the other end, then communication did not happen!

A good marketing strategy has built in measures to check that each audience actually receives the message sent.  The days of the ‘spray and pray’ mentality are behind us.  With the online tools available, it is possible to be very targeted with a message and to know if the message was received (and in some cases we can even produce a time stamp of when it was received!)

At the Scarlett Marketing Group, we start with the strategy, helping you define your business, your audience and your best communication program.  Let me help you make sure your audience is getting your message!

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